Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Get it, girl

I love verbal expression especially through music. Mary Mary’s song, “Go Get It,” touches me to my core; I take it personal. It’s like I was sitting in the booth with Erica and Tina telling them my struggles and then God spoke. The Holy Spirit led them to record that song as God’s lullaby to me- “Chile, go get your blessing; go ‘head now, it’s yo’ time.”
I’ve agonized over not being where I thought I should be in life but now I see the purpose of it all. It’s not my plans, my timetable or other people’s expectations that are important, but God’s intentions for me. Now, my desire is for my dreams to align with God’s will. My God got this! I never thought I’d be this much in love with Jesus and his lovely creation- me. I want to live for Him; that’s how my life will count.

What is it others see when they look at me? As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even matter. I’m not the person I once saw me to be. Life not going as planned has only helped to build my strength. I’m sturdy now. Just try to stop me! Though I still stumble I’m steady being true to myself. I will not allow fear to paralyze me.
My faith has been small; it’s almost been non-existent. It is the faith of others that has held me up when I didn’t know I had the ability to stand on my own. The prayers of others, their faith in God and their faith in me brought me this far.

Have you heard the expression, “this is your season?” I've heard it so much it has become cliché. But this really is my time. I can feel it in the atmosphere; my eyes and reflection have aligned showing the light of what is to come for me. 
I’ve been laboring, begging, searching, pleading, and crying out in desperation. Now I am experiencing the good life of which I felt so unworthy. I finally hit the floor and God picked me up. I’m now experiencing what I've been asking for. It makes me want to raise my hands in praise.

I’ve been qualified by His blood.

No longer insecure, jealous or envious because God’s goodness and grace multiplies.  

I’m accredited, I won’t be denied. 

No one will destroy what they did not create. 

It’s official; I bear witness.

He blesses me, I bless Him.  

 He cherishes me, I adore him. 

 I worship Him, He sustains me. 

 May God be Glorified! Don’t stop, get it, get it

. . . oops, that’s another song

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