Wednesday, December 19, 2012

6 Expressions of my Gratitude

      This holiday season, I’ve realized that it is much more productive to focus on my blessings rather than my hardships.  So in the spirit of comedian Jimmy Fallon, here is a list of my personal Thank You’s.

      1. Thank you, God, for words and the ability to arrange them in such a way to convey      disdain and sarcasm, sometimes even without the recipient realizing it.     

       2. Thank you, DVR, for aiding me to become even more of a recluse than I already am and for affording me the opportunity to never watch live television and commercials even though I get weather alerts and news updates weeks after the fact.

      3. Thank you, social networking sites, for providing me an avenue to track people in the privacy of my own home.

      4. Thank you, Hooters, for actually having great wings.  All these years, I equated the people who told me they go to Hooters for the wings with men who say they read gentlemen’s magazines for the articles.

      5. Thank you, mama, for being determined to prove the person wrong who told you to send me to a state college because you knew you couldn’t afford a private one. Your determination afforded me the opportunity to go to my dream college.

      6. Thank you, every guy I have ever dated, for giving me enough material to write numerous best-selling novels, but please allow me to learn from other peoples experiences sometimes.

What are some things for which you are grateful?  Please share in the comment section. . .

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