Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Woman on a Mission

      See Jane Write founder, Javacia Harris Browser challenged all Janes to dedicate 31 days to improving their blog.  I decided to take on the challenge. So, I came up with a mission statement for my blog and explained my niche.

Gleaning: from The Threshing Room Floor is a blog that explores spirituality and writing through personal expression.  My blog is designed to arouse reflective thought on today’s hot topics and encourage examination of these topics from less explored points of view. I also address subjects such as personal growth and lessons learned from life.

The Secret Place- reflective thoughts from a spiritual perspective.                         

 The Writer’s Workshop- toying with the tough issues of the day.

Disclaimer: As a Woman of God and a writer, I reserve the right to stray from this plan from  time to time in order to follow the spiritual and creative flow.

A Writer’s Prayer

Lord, keep me off the page.
When I write, I come before you desiring for my life and others to be altered through You in spite of my human imperfections. Keep me from putting together words that only sound nice but make no real impact and require no real sacrifice on my part.  God forbid I rely on my talent instead of You.  I pray I will not soak up your praise, become puffed up with pride, or print stuff just to receive the world’s admiration.  Thank you for trusting me with a gift that affords me the opportunity to reach the hearts of your people.
To God be the glory.
Adapted from
“An Artist’s Prayer” by Celita
Spoken Word Artist


  1. This is awesome, Alison. I love your mission!

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