Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Lover of My Soul

Where My Single Ladies At?

     Being 31, unmarried, and childless in the South can cause many a critical stare and questioning glance.  At family gatherings, someone always asks me (actually, it's usually the same somebody) "When are you getting married?"

     When I look at my married and single friends alike, I see nothing is for certain, nothing lasts forever, and miracles don't happen when you say, "I do."  That forever, never-changing unconditional love only comes from my Heavenly Father.

     I gleaned from and adapted one of my high school classmates' facebook status updates for this prayer.

     I am so in love with you.  I even love the little things about you. Like the way you look when you're thinking about something; how your face lights up when you talk about something you absolutely love.  The way you talk to people, your facial expressions and your hand gestures even mesmerize me. 

     I love the quirky looks you give me when you’re angry and I equally love the way you smile and laugh when we are together. I love the look in your eyes when you brag about me to your friends. 

     You still give me goose bumps and butterflies when you run your hands down my arms and lock your fingers with mine. When we embrace and I feel all your muscles relax, I know in that moment, everything is utterly perfect and you are safe in my arms. When I catch you looking at me, I know what you're thinking.   

      I am not only the lover of your soul but the lover of your personality, character and every fiber of your being. Your mere existence amazes me.


The Lover of your Soul

your Knight in Shining Armor

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