Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Pleasure Principle

              While swarms of people made their way to the circus yesterday, my young adult bible study, Bethesda fought the crowd to see the play based off of the book, The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. Lewis is the author of many popular titles including The Chronicles of Narnia.

             Even though this book was first published in 1942, the messages in it still ring true. The book covers war, friendship, temptation and the like.  It is written from Screwtape’s perspective who is a high official in the devil’s army.  Through letters, Screwtape gives a new recruit who happens to be his nephew instructions on how to keep an earthling from aligning with the enemy (God).

             In one letter, Screwtape counseled his nephew, Wormwood to keep his target away from true pleasures because that is an invention of their enemy.  Satan has not figured out yet how to offer true pleasure or a comparable product so Screwtape advised his nephew that their best offense was to pervert the one’s created by the enemy.



             The Christian lifestyle is often characterized by the world as oppressive, boring, and undesirable; even some Christians feel this way. In actuality, God created this world for us to enjoy and experience. We often get duped into believing all things pleasurable are prohibited in a God-centered life. The more I grow in age and in my relationship with God, I realize those other pleasures just don’t satisfy.  I’ll still be left thirsty and hungry.

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