Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just Because. . .


How did you get here?
Nobody's supposed to be here
I've tried that love thing for the last time
My heart says no, no!
Nobody's supposed to be here
But you came along and changed my mind

~ Nobody's Supposed to Be Here by Deborah Cox

A brilliant idea comes to her mind early in the morning as she dresses for the day. She is giddy with excitement and anticipation as she reminisces of how their friendship has endured since kindergarten and Sunday School.

Rushing, she makes a mental note of all the places she needs to go to complete her task. Knowing he wants to own a Fiat one day, she finds the perfect model car for him to admire until he can afford the real thing.

They often joke about his belief that Alka-Seltzer cures everything from headaches to broken bones. She laughs out loud thinking of how much he will get a kick out of this particular gift.

As she flounces from one section of the store to the other, she decides to pick up individually wrapped lemonheads in which to pepper his gift basket. She isn't planning on spending a lot of money; just picking up little items with a personal touch. She wants him to delight in the things that bring him joy. Cherries! He loves cherries but often can't afford to buy them. She adds some to her cart.

As she sits and carefully puts together his basket, she beams thinking about how excited he will be when he receives it.

After the work day is over, she surprises him in the lobby where he works. As he exits the elevator in a huff, he notices her standing there.

Bewildered he asks, "What are you doing here?" He seems pleased to see her although he is taken aback.

Thinking out loud he adds, "I keep up with my calendar pretty well. We didn't have anything planned for today. What's the occasion?"

"Oh just because," she says pensively.

Suddenly he notices the basket she is carrying and begins to fiddle around with the contents.

"This is for you," she says as her excitement slowly builds again.

He replies nonchalantly, "oh, cool."

"You don't like it?" she asks.

"I mean, it's cute, some little trinkets you threw together, I see. The toy car is a nice touch but it will just make me mad, reminding me I don't have the real deal," he replies.

Her heart is crushed; her feelings hurt and her spirit disappointed. She just knew he would be pleased she remembered all his favorite things. This wonderful gift she wanted to give him-lovingly personalized and intimate, brushed off with a flippant remark.
When God offers his great and precious gifts with open arms, we often turn our backs on him, ignore him, or tell him to come back at a more convenient time for us.
Can you relate?

you love me, especially different, you keep me, on my feet, happily excited. . .
thank you for loving me Jesus
that's who I'm talking about. . .  
you kept me no no no no never left me
you taught me, you taught me
give me somethings to think about.
Oh thank you for loving me Jesus 
~ He loves me by Kierra "Kiki" Sheard featuring Karen Clark-Sheard

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