Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Possible Public Relations Problem

Did the Holy Spirit tell you to say that?

Because I want to make sure I received it in the same spirit you intended it. 

 Man, I wish I would have thought of that when someone told me my church didn't need any benchwarmers. All I did was admit I wasn't ready for the upcoming revival!  Maybe that was God helping me to practice discretion (click the link to read my struggles with that).
Recently I had a conversation with my female Christian friends regarding the appropriateness of a new reality show, The Sisterhood. The TLC series chronicles the lives and struggles of first ladies; the pastor's wife. 
At first, I found the show to be. . .questionable.  It had the potential to be similar to Sister Wives by providing insight in an often negatively viewed community. On the other hand, it had the potential to be uncouth like Basketball Wives. 
After I viewed approximately three episodes, I decided I liked the show. It had value. It showed Christians being real. I will also like to add that I enjoyed the now defunct GCB on ABC though I found it quite caricature-ish.

             Many Christians have said that neither show should be on the air because they re-enforce negative images already out there about Christians as well as present the church in a bad light.  As we say in my line of work, they feel this show is a potential public relations problem. May I be as bold to say, it is not the television show we should be worried about; it's the (wo)man in the mirror. If you want the church to have a better image ask Jesus to help you change your nasty behaviors. We all have them.
             The best witnessing tool is transparency which comes along with humility. No one has it all together. There are people in the church still dealing with some ugly stuff- joblessness, depression, addiction, marital problems, and debilitating health issues. We can be scandalous, envious, back-biting, cliquish and entitled just like anyone else. If we had it all together, it would be no need for Jesus.
             I don't see how showing humanness is an ineffective witnessing tool. Are we more worried about saving souls or protecting our image? God has the power to reach anyone, anywhere, in anyway He sees fit.


  1. I agree that the best witness I can have is my own behavior because ultimately the only person I will ever change is me (and I can't even do that on my own). :)

  2. You better say that! Love it.

  3. Thanks Latoya and Kathryn! Kathryn, I totally agree. We need to keep things in perspective