Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10 Questions Every Single Woman Should Ask on a Date













Dating is a serious sport. You must be prepared and in shape before you hit the court or the field; stay ready because there will be no time to get ready.


             As I always say, I can't afford to waste energy, emotions or time on any relationship that I don't think can last forever. So, I've come up with some preliminary yet essential questions to ask before investing too much time into a situation.

            They are not necessarily listed in any order of importance. . .

1. Are you married and/or do you have a girlfriend? You would think this wouldn't be necessary because obviously a man that is attached would not try to "holla" at anyone else. Not!

2. Does anyone think they are about to marry you/think that they are your girlfriend? I learned to ask this question when my ex tried to get back together with me when his "friend" had already picked out their wedding date.

3a. Are you divorced? Being separated and/or living apart does not count even if it has been several years.

3b. If you are divorced, may I see the papers, please. No? What county were you married in, I can find them myself.

4. Do you have any children?

5. Does anyone think you are the father of their child?

6. Do you currently have a seed in utero? This is important because someone may say no to #4 because they believe life begins at birth.

7. Have you ever had a sexual encounter with another man? I learned in an AIDS awareness class that it is better to describe behavior than to attach labels.

8. Are you a liar? Of course you will probably not get a truthful answer but it is good to see how they react to the question (also true for #7 and the following question).

9. How do you feel about men who like to try on women's clothing?  This is not a judgment but it is need-to-know information. I met a guy who eventually admitted that he liked to wear women's shoes because they were more comfortable.

10. Have you ever been incarcerated?  I asked this question as a joke but the answer wasn't funny.


What are some questions you would add or remove from this list?  Share them in the comment section below or on my Facebook page (Alison S. Moore) or send me a Tweet (@msasmoore).

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