Thursday, May 30, 2013

HELL, NAW Part 2

The Lord is still working on me about this discretion issue. It is still so hard for me to keep my mouth shut when I see inconsistencies and injustices. I feel it is my responsibility and duty to shed light on them even when it is not my battle. Somebody say, "Pray for Alison." Now somebody else, for real, pray for Alison. I'm serious.

Recently, I shared with a small group of people the details of a disagreement I had in the workplace. Remember back in middle school when two people would get in a fight and then these other people will suddenly appear on the sidelines egging them on? We called them instigators. Well, the instigators have followed me into adulthood and told me all about how they would have handled the situation and what they would not have let the other person get away with.

The Holy Spirit quickly brought to mind a PSA I saw on
YouTube where a girl's friend tells her what she would do (if she were in her shoes) to get back at her boyfriend. At the end of the night, the instigator was free while her friend got locked up for taking her advice. You can get messed up listening to other people's nonsense!

On another note, I used to feel guilty after I "corrected" or "read" people and became afraid of the possible negative consequences. Will I miss out on career opportunities? Will I ruin relationships and friendships?

I try not to be ruled by fear anymore but instead be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. I try not to worry about what man may do to me but be concerned whether or not my behavior is pleasing to God and if I am being a good witness. My prayer is not to try to win the argument (even though that is very satisfying) or make the person feel low with my words but whether Christ is glorified.

Continue to pray for Alison. . .

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