Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Regular People"

The Cosby Show was my favorite TV show growing up, that is, until A Different World premiered then it became my second favorite show. On Thursday nights, me, my mom, and my brothers would sit down together in my parent's room to watch (my dad worked late most of the time).

One Cosby episode that has always stood out in my mind is the one where Dr. Huxtable admonishes his only son, Theo for not applying himself in school. Do you remember that one? Where Dr. Huxtable tried to teach Theo life lessons with monopoly money? In that episode, Theo gives this moving speech about how everyone couldn’t be doctors and lawyers like his parents. He insisted that some would only be “regular people.” His speech was so heartfelt, I bought into the concept until Dr. Huxtable quickly dismissed Theo’s argument as pure B.S. His real problem was that he didn’t want to apply himself.
There was once a period of time that I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and had little motivation. During that time I tried to convince myself I would be "regular people" like Theo. But one day, the Holy Spirit spoke to me (yes, He speaks to me. We are cool like that.) He said, “Now you know good and well you would never be satisfied with just being regular. I have given you aspirations and goals. I have good gifts in store for you. How dare you not take advantage of them!”

 I'm not sure what Theo meant by regular anyway. Are there really people who are meant to be just "regular"? What do regular people look like? Do they work 9 to 5 blue collar jobs and party on the weekend as their reward? Do they stay out of the spotlight just wanting to do their job and go home without worrying about impressing the boss to gain promotions and bonuses?

 Or do "regular people" look like Charles Ramsey who saw a woman in distress, stepped in and helped three kidnapped women in Ohio escape from their captors not knowing he was helping to solve three 10-year-old cold crime cases?

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  1. I don't know any regular people, either! Ha! I totally loved that episode and still remember it to this day.