Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Soul Food

I can attest to the fact that God can and will use anything, anybody, everything and everybody to reach humanity for His purpose. He often uses unconventional avenues to get our attention but ultimately He will lead us back to Him.
I was recently reminded of a personal experience I had where God used something considered not too Godly to help me through a difficult time.
Anyone who has spent any time around me knows I am a HUGE Goodie Mob fan.  I fell in love with their Dungeon Family members Outkast first, but that good ‘ole-fashioned Soul Food stole my affection away from them.
I listened to Goodie Mob's first album Soul Food all night long everyday after school. Back in those days, they included the song lyrics inside the album cover.  I studied those lyrics like they were the gospel. I even had my mother to read them. I was so sure she would too be convinced of their greatness after she did. But parents just don’t understand. Really, she said, “I just don’t understand what y’all are so angry about.”
My oldest brother was murdered in his college apartment around the time Soul Food was released. Soul Food spoke to the very emotions that beseeched me during the agonizing days and weeks after my brother's death. I truly credit that album for getting me to the other side of through.
I often quote Cee-Lo Green’s verse on "I Didn’t Ask to Come” when I talk about my brother's death as well as the death of one of my good friends. The words of that song soothe me when I think about how unexpectedly and tragically they left this earth and those words offer hope on how to go on in the aftermath.
Around the release of Goodie Mob’s second album, Still Standing, I was in need of some serious inspiration so you know I couldn’t wait to get that album. I just KNEW it was going to solve all of my problems.
When I was in high school, I always skipped lunch so I could use my lunch money to buy CDs. The day Still Standing came out, I urged my mother to take me to Turtles to buy it. But when I entered the store, I learned that they were already sold out! I was devastated because I had to have that album that day. Eventually we found the album at a music store deep in the 'hood. I rushed home, loaded it in my boom box and waited for the magic to happen. When the album finished playing I felt nothing. “Is that it?” I thought. It didn’t satisfy the way Soul Food did.
That day God taught me several things: He doesn’t work the same way every time and most importantly, never trust in earthly things and earthly people to provide what only God can give. All those other things just don’t hit the spot.

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