Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Just Scandalous!


Mama, I'm in love wit a gangsta (damn)
Mama, I'm in love wit a gangsta (y'know)
Mama, I'm in love wit a gangsta and I know he's a killer
but I love dat ni**a

                       ~ "Mama, I'm In Love Wit A Gangsta,"  Coolio

Brace yourself, I have a confession to make. I'm almost ashamed to admit it. Almost.
I have fallen into the wrong crowd; hanging out with people who I know do bad things. My parents taught me better,  but now even they enjoy the company of my new friends.
The ringleader looks like she has it all together but is having an affair with a married man.  She pretends like she has concern for her friends but still coaches them to do the very things they have been working so hard not to do.  All she does is keep secrets and tell lies. For some reason, she is always nearby when a dead body surfaces and no one seems to question it. She gets away with murder.
Everyone loves her. They admire here style and cheer for her relationship with the married man while talking about his wife like a dog.
I must admit, I look forward to hanging out with her every week. Sometimes when we are spending time together, I hit pause and replay her words in my mind. I wish I always had a perfectly crafted comeback like she does to shut up my haters without consequence. She is the "Teflon Don."
After our visits, I seriously contemplate if I should hang out with her again because I have become desensitized to her cunning ways. They appear attractive and brilliant and almost harmless. Then I remember: they are not.
Only time will tell if I will show up for our weekly scheduled meeting this Thursday. Something I do know is she will be wearing earth tone clothes and a fabulous coat to be envied!

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