Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nothing is Ever Useless

#bloglikecrazy  |Day 3
The first weekend of every month my mom and I have our special "mommy/daughter time." The location: Wal-Mart. We shop for her and my father's groceries and household products that are supposed to last until the next first of the month.
She may not realize it, but I love spending those times with her even though I may grumble and complain because I want my Saturday to myself.
We use this time to catch up mostly on church gossip, my job woes, family updates and Facebook statuses. As she searches the shelves for the Prego Traditional Spaghetti Sauce that is always difficult to find, I use my smart phone to locate pictures and status updates from Facebook I think she will get a kick out of.
Main topic this past Saturday: pledging. My mother is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Sorority and she pledged at Lane College in Jackson, TN. While trying to find kosher dill pickle spears for my dad's lunch, she stopped in the middle of the aisle to tell me all she had to go through in order to be an AKA and how the kids these days have it too easy. I learned that crossing the burning sands was not just a figure of speech.
When we made it back to the car, she looked at the clock and realized how long we had been in the store. She said, "I spent that time giving you useless information on pledging." I told her nothing is ever useless because that will probably end up in one of my books at some point. That is my writing process.
I say all that to say, watch what you say around me, it may end up in a book. My friends will tell you that I'll break out a notebook in a minute to write down something from a conversation that has inspired me.

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