Saturday, November 2, 2013

Now What?

I started December 16, 2012 mainly to build an audience that would eventually support me when my first novel was released.
As I mentioned in that first post, Mama, I Want to Write I was afraid of blogging.  How dare I think I had something to say that people would want to read?  I'm no expert. Yet, I do have a lot to say and I'll say it to anyone who will listen. I was also afraid of writing something that would haunt me and eventually come back to bite me.
I felt so stifled by this fear that I thought it was unnatural and I was determined not to let it get the best of me. Sharing my writing is something I felt compelled to do; I couldn't not do it. So, I went out and bought a bible study guide focused on fear to help me overcome it.  The study didn't eliminate the fear but it was no longer stifling.
Blogging has become much more than a means to an end for me. When I started seeing that people were really interested in what I had to say, I decided that blogging was something I wanted to take seriously and be successful at doing.  Looking at those pageviews increase from week to week, motivated me even more. I started attending writing and social media conference to learn how to up my game.
Like I said yesterday, I started to slack off but my desire to be successful at this thing has not waned.
I can't not do it.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I still feel that way even after years of blogging experience and yet I continue to do it. I love blogging. Glad you are participating in #bloglikecrazy Isn't Javacia wonderful? I love her!

  2. A quote that I live by is "Feel the fear and do it anyway." I'm glad you started your blog.

  3. Thanks Carol and Javacia! Javacia is wonderful! I'm glad you created this forum for writers to support one another. Who says nothing is going on in Birmingham and Huntsville Alabama!