Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Did He tell you to move?

"the road to Hell is paved with good intentions."
                                                           "Mr. Intentional"~ Lauryn Hill
After many years of trying on my own to make things happen in my career and my relationships, I finally decided to surrender it all to God for real (read more about it here). I was tired of running into the wall. It hurt. I needed Him to guide me step by step instead of me demanding He show me the full picture all at once. I told God I wanted to learn whatever He wanted to teach me during this season of my life. I may as well, because it didn’t look like I was going anywhere anytime soon.
I kept asking God if I could make a change in one particular area of my life. When I asked, I felt Him saying it wasn’t time. Then I attended the first night of the Magic City Classic Revival at my church. The revivalist used a scripture from 2 Kings about a group of lepers that sat outside Syria where a great famine was going on. They were trying to decide if they should stay where they were, go back where they had come from or move on to a new place. After taking all factors into consideration, they concluded that if they stayed where they were, they may die. If they went back from which they came, they would surely die but if they moved forward, they may live or they may die. They decided the best option was to move forward because they still had a chance at life though it was not guaranteed. 
That was confirmation for me to move forward. That decision seemed to work out so well, I started to think I should have made the change sooner. But after the change took place, it seemed that I had run right back into the obstacle I was trying to get away from. Nevertheless, I reminded myself that I prayed and heard from the Lord. I had to trust that God knew what was best for me.  Before I could blink an eye that perceived obstacle was removed almost instantly! As Pastor Hart Ramsay said in one of his text devotional messages, “God is talking to someone about you right now. Keep praying. God has a plan. And it’s already working.”
Even though it looked like I had gotten myself in a potentially bad or worse situation, God had already worked it out for my good. Even though you may not see the moves taking place on your behalf, God is working it all out in your favor. Your situation may appear to be stale, stagnant, or even dead but if you pray and wait on God, He will tell you when to make the right move.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I will take this as confirmation to keep going in working on my gifts! Thank you!