Sunday, January 19, 2014

Open Letter to the Angry Black Woman

Picture it-
The year 2013, a small southern town
A black woman abruptly approached the receptionist’s desk with disgust searing from her eyes tucked behind her dark wide-rimmed glasses. Dressed in a black knit hat, black trench coat, and black knit gloves, she cradled her purse in the bend of her arm with her wrist limp. The receptionist gave her the side eye in the most professional way she could muster. The black woman’s female companion’s face was already apologizing for her friend’s behavior.
Angry Black Woman in a gruff tone: My name is ABW and XYZ is supposed to have a sealed envelope for me. Are you XYZ?
ABW: Could you get XYZ?, ABW demanded as she welcomed herself to a seat.
REP: Ummm. . .yeah, let me see if I can find her.
REP returns: XYZ appears to be at lunch. You can take a seat in the lobby and I’ll have her come get you when she returns.
ABW haughtily responded: Where is QRS?
REP sighed heavily: I did not see her on my quest to find XYZ. The proper protocol is for you to take a seat in the lobby until someone comes for you. Not to just walk up to the desk.
ABW: I know what the protocol is. I couldn’t receive what I needed by fax so XYZ was supposed to put it in a sealed envelope for me to pick up.
REP increasingly agitated: I’ll be right back.
REP could not find QRS but she did run into HNC and described the situation to her.
HNC: Is her name ABW? We know her, we know her well.
Angry Black Woman, why did you approach that receptionist with no warning? I mean, like you just had a phone argument and you were coming in to settle the score? Look, I don’t know what your day was like. I don’t know who upset you, who disrespected you, or who hurt you. I know it wasn’t that receptionist because she obviously hadn’t laid eyes on you before.  Please don’t put the pressures of your day or your life on innocent bystanders.  No, you didn't raise your voice or use foul language but your posturing was foul. You are perpetuating the angry black woman stereotype. Oh you think that’s not fair; I’m taking it too far. I can’t hold you responsible for how others view an entire race? Obviously you just did the same thing to that poor receptionist.


  1. Super Writer You!
    I wanted to keep reading. This reminds me of not only angry black women, but frustrated and disgruntled people period. I was trying to think, could this be me in some situation however unintentional? I am reminded of how I have used the "Breath Prayer" to help me in difficult situations; you know the prayer Jesus prayed on the cross when he took his last breath. Not my last breath, but I take a deep breath before proceeding and say "Father into your hands I commit my spirit" Wow how this changes my spirit and actions.....when I remember to submit and do it!
    Thanks, Alison.

  2. I'll try to remember the "breath" prayer.