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Book Club Discussion questions for ...and you win some by Alison S. Moore

Please consider choosing ...and you win some as your next book club selection or bible study topic. Your group can use these questions to guide your meeting. I would be more than happy to come discuss the book with your group!

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Discussion Questions
1. Which character did you most identify with? Why? Are there any real men like Daniel? Did Daniel have any flaws? Does Wynsome’s thought process and attitude exemplify those of modern, sophisticated women?
2. How can Church have such a modern and progressive worship service but still have stagnant church leadership?
3. At the first Truthseekers meeting, Rev. Ashley said it is not safe to assume all people in the church are Christians. Do you agree? Xavier states he is a believer even though he does not go to church and that his relationship with God is personal. What do these statements indicate if anything, about Xavier’s spiritual condition?
4. Read page 104. While in prison, Xavier reflects on the last conversation he had with Michelle and wonders why a man is forced to pay child support for a child he did not want when a woman can abort a child she does not want without the consent of the father. Does he have a valid argument?
5. Is it realistic that the Roberts believed all along that Xavier did not mean to hurt Michelle and did not hold any hard feelings towards him?
6. Xavier’s actions could result in a double murder charge. Moreover, abortions are legal up until 6 months of pregnancy. Do these facts present any inconsistencies? Note: laws differ by state.
7. What is your impression of Jodie? How would you describe the sexual experience Jodie had with Amir? Is it rape if sex starts out as consensual but someone changes his or her mind in the middle of the act? Note: What constitutes rape differ by state.
8. Read 1 Peter 2:16 and 2 Peter 1:5- 11. How do these scriptures relate to the issues discussed in . . .and you win some?
9.  Read page 135. What would be different about the world if we actually used sex in the way God designed and intended it? Like Wynsome asked Daniel “if we already know we are going to get married, why wait?”
10. How do you feel about how Wade and Jodie’s relationship progressed? Daniel and Wynsome’s?

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