Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Green Eyes"

“Humbly seeking to hear God when he's speaking”
~ Goodie Mob, Beautiful Skin 

I was so jealous of my Facebook friends' pictures of the Jayonce “On the Run” concert in Atlanta. I’m not a fan of The Carters, but I seriously thought about becoming one after all the hype. Trying to fight off my green envy of Blue Ivy's parents, I went back to my memories of my favorite group, Goodie Mob’s reunion concert a few years back.
It was held at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. The Tabernacle sounds like a religious dwelling, doesn’t it? It’s because it is or at least it used to be. Some of the concerts there can be likened to a religious experience. I’ve seen greats like Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Nas and Mos Def perform there.
“Put some fire on the ass end of that weed cause in the SWATS red hots don’t drip or bleed.” Conviction abruptly stopped me from dancing and rapping in mid-verse to this song, somewhere around- “on the ass end of that weed.” The other concertgoers continued partying as I stood in the midst of the standing only crowd in a daze.   
I was beset with unease, “Would the Lord be pleased with this? What would the teens at church think if they saw my hands up and head bouncing to these lyrics?” I felt convicted but not condemned.
I decided I didn’t have to make a decision in that moment and continued to enjoy Cee Lo’s verse on Beautiful Skin as scantily-clad women danced behind a frosted screen.
“And I, was attracted to your class, I couldn't see all yo' ass...,”


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  2. You are right. I also felt a little jealous as my friends were in ATL for the concert. I don't even listen to those two. And when I heard some of their song titles, I wasn't comfortable with them. Not that I'm a prude by any stretch - most of my favorite bands are known for their drugs and bad behavior. But I don't want to have to explain to my daughter. I will keep admiring Beyoncé for her feminism but I am not excited about the music per se.

    1. I don't understand all the hype around Beyonce and I've never really paid much attention to Jay Z. I have a natural aversion to pop artists. I know I listen to some very questionable artists too. My next post will be about that.