Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Naturally Speaking

Exactly, what is natural hair?

This may sound trivial to some but I have debated this issue many times with more than one person. It's kind of a pet peeve with me.

Like I said in the comments of my last post, any way a woman chooses to wear her hair is awesome. No hairstyle is better or worse than the other.


But... black women who make a big deal about how long they have been natural but never wear their hair in its natural state baffle me. I'm just saying, what is the point? If you don't have a relaxer yet still alter your natural curl pattern you are relaxer-free not natural. In my humble opinion, there is a difference. But nobody asked me my opinion.

Times have truly changed. When you walk into a room full of black women, the sistas with permed hair are in the minority. This was not the case 5 years ago. Ladies who still have relaxed hair actually feel they have to defend it to others. 

On the other hand, some well-established natural sistas are offended that many women have hijacked their style just to be trendy. A new generation of Black women want a "faux natural"- a style achieved with curlers and/or added hair which insults the real natural sistas who have been doing it for years.

One thing is for sure, some black women have found freedom in not perming their hair. They aren't held hostage to a Euro - centric idea of beauty anymore or a slave to harsh chemicals and painful processes. They truly believe black is beautiful,

Black hair is still a contentious issue that will probably extend to the end of time. The debate can be divisive and injurious but is ultimately not that deep; just a matter of preference.

Can we all just get a long?

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  1. This is a touchy topic. I say that women should just wear their hair however they want. As you know, I am natural. I have worn my hair in its naturally curly state since 2002. I only get it flat ironed straight about once a year. I don't feel like myself without my curls. Personally, I just make sure I am always aware of why I'm wearing my hair a certain way. For example, after going natural I didn't straighten my hair for three years because I wanted to make sure I was straightening it simply because I wanted to and not because I thought straight hair was somehow better. Regardless, of how a woman wears her hair, I think she should be aware of her "why."