Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Trip Down Miracle Lane

I've had some crazy things happening in my life lately so I haven't been blogging much. 

It all started with this one event.

Friday September 26, 2014, I left home at 4:00a.m. headed to Atlanta, GA for the Outkast ATLast concert. Reportedly, this would be their last tour together; no more Big Boi and Andre. Of course, I had to attend this monumental event in American Hip Hop history.

Trying to get to my sister-in-law's house before she left for work, I didn't want to run into any incidentals (like a traffic accident) so I left at the crack of dawn. No one was going to prevent me from being at the gates of Centennial Park promptly at 5:00p.m.

I had already run into some challenges earlier in the week. Stupidly, I left my car keys in the ignition overnight and my battery died. Several people tried to help me revive it to no avail; I had to get a new battery. I jokingly posted on Facebook that maybe Jesus didn't want me to go to the Outkast concert. Oh, I was going to that concert even if I had to rent a car but I was able to get my car out of the shop the day before the concert.

Five miles away from my sister-in-law's house, something terrible happened. I don't know what caused me to swerve off the road; all I remember is stark darkness. I frantically tried to get control of the car. My first thought was "I can get this under control." Then my second thought was "Is this the way I'm going to die?"

I didn't feel the car land in the grassy area separating I-285 southbound from I-285 northbound. The car landed right side up and I was able to open the door with no problem. Two good Samaritans, one male and one female, pulled over to see about me. They explained I hit a guard rail and my car rolled over in the air. Praise God, no other cars or people were involved! The male good Samaritan pointed out that my left hand was bleeding but I was too busy staring in awe at my legs. I couldn't believe they weren't broken! I dislocated my knee once just walking slowly down the hall at church! I searched frantically for my cell phone but I didn't find it. I guess it is somewhere on I-285 but thankfully my glasses sat delicately on the passenger side floor.

When I arrived at Grady Hospital (just minutes away from Centennial Park, I'm just saying), I asked them to run every test imaginable and not to worry, I had good insurance. Repeatedly, nurses, paramedics, police officers asked me where I was headed. None of them knew who Outkast was! Most people in Atlanta are not from Atlanta.

There was no damage done- no broken bones, no traumatic brain injury, and no internal injuries. Hallelujah! I WALKED away from that accident with just a cut on my hand, a bump on my forehead and soreness from the seat belt.  God is amazing!!

I was released from the hospital exactly at 5:00p.m. eastern standard time. . .


  1. God is awesome! We are so very glad to still have you on the earth.

    1. Thanks Laura! God is awesome! I still can't believe that I walked away with no bones broken.

  2. God did not want you to go to the Outkast concert.

  3. Camille, stay tuned to the next blog post. I will explore why God wouldn't want me to go to that concert.

  4. Probably the same reason I couldn't get a tix after 3 failed attempts