Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This Christian's Response to The Book of Mormon (the play)

I'm offended.
I am an open-minded person. I love satire. I can relate to some of Bill Maher's views on Christianity but this play, this play. . .  took it too far.  
I've always wanted to see it  and was so excited when I learned it was coming to Birmingham. The BFF sponsored this outing based on my word alone. She didn't know what she was getting into and apparently, I didn't either.
My understanding of the play was that former members of the Mormon Church decided to get together to make fun of its inconsistent parts. I thought I could trust the creators because they were affiliated with the play, Avenue Q which I loved.
In The Book of Mormon, a new group of missionaries are paired up and sent to mission fields all over the world. The play focused on the pair that were assigned to Uganda in Africa and their hardships trying to baptize the natives.
The play turned out to be an indictment of religion, period. It grouped the Mormon church with the "regular" Christian Church that asserts Jesus is God's son who came to save mankind. In the play, the Bible was explained as really a "trilogy" instead a collection of the Old and New Testament.  The actual Mormon church advertised the real Book of Mormon in the playbill ("The book is always better").
Offense #1- The Ugandans greeted the missionaries with a song in their native language that translated to F* You, God complete with a dance move that included the middle finger. I find it hard to believe this to be remotely true. Africans are a spiritual people. Even though they may not believe in the same god, they do believe in a higher power.
Offense #2- Jesus masturbating. Need I say more?
There were a few shocking but funny parts including an appearance from Johnny Cochran in Mormon hell and God reconsidering his initial declaration that dark skin is evil and a curse.
Nevertheless, this play seems like it was created by a people with no hope. I mean, are they not a little afraid of getting struck by lightening? Its like they were constantly stepping on live power lines as if they were blocks on the yellow brick road.
You may feel that religion is silly and it is just a hodgepodge of fairy tales, campfire stories with Hobbits and Star Trek episodes, but have some respect for the people in your life who do believe.
My oldest nephew never believed in Santa Claus but he knew not to go to school broadcasting it as to ruining it for the other kids. . .and his grandma.
Please grant us that same common courtesy.

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