Saturday, March 7, 2015

Midnight in the Coldest Winter Ever

Book 2


Category: A book I started, but never finished

Midnight by Sister Souljah



I waited with great expectation for Sister Souljah to write a sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever so I could learn more about my favorite character, Midnight. I was so excited when the book was finally released.
The Coldest Winter Ever is the best coming of age story second only to Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree. Not unlike many other teenaged girls, I wanted Midnight to be my boyfriend. He seemed to be so smooth, charismatic and attractive, at least from Sister Souljah's portrayal of him. 
 I ended up being highly disappointed and disgusted, I had to put the book down. It wasn't a sequel. This  Midnight was not the Midnight I knew. It was a prequel- following him from age 5 living in the Sudan up to his formative years in America whereas in the preceding book he was a fully grown man. In this book, Midnight was critical of Americans as if he was superior; American women in particular.   I vowed to finish the book one day since I had already purchased it.
This time around, I loved it  and could not put it down. Some of the things I disagreed with back in 2012, I now agree with. It's love story. He feel in love with a 16 year old Asian girl who spoke 5 languages but neither of them were the two that he spoke, English or Arabic. In his eyes, American women were too easy and didn't respect themselves.
He said they didn't realize that, "A good woman is a jewel from Allah for which a man must pay a heavy price." And as a man, he "felt a heavy Sudanese kind of pride that there would be blood coming from "below," not a hand-me-down girl or someone else's leftovers or an abandoned or passed around piece." He was amazed that so many American women didn't have fathers around (though there was never an explanation of why he and his pregnant mother left the Sudan without his father).
I agreed with his assessment of Americans- "Every day, every hour, every minute, every second they are awake, they are doing something, anything to make money." Americans will do anything for money above all else even forsake their own families.

I can't wait to read the sequel to Midnight. I'll be reading the official sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever in the category of a book my mom loves. I'll explain more about that in that blog post.

This one year reading challenge is an exciting adventure. 24 more books to go!

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