Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My New Tattoo


In an earlier post, Check Yourself. . ., I included a picture of the inside of someone's wrist with "cont;nue"  tattooed on it because it brought a vivid image to my mind.

You may be familiar with this story, the one about Jesus' first miracle. Yeah, the one when he turned water into wine. That Bible story combined with a joke I once heard conjured up this amusing and uplifting picture in my mind, I just had to have "cont;nue" tattoed on my wrist.

This is how I see it in my head:

Jesus is at a wedding with his mother that he really didn't want to go to. At the reception, his mother came to him and said, "The family has run out of wine." Jesus looked at her like - woman, really, you want me to do this right here, right now. Fine. He stood over a bar that had several pitchers of water on it. He dramatically waved his right arm over the pitchers of water like a conductor would an orchestra and said, "keep the party going."

That makes me chuckle to myself every time I think of it. It reminds me that when I run out of energy, juice, fuel or when things get hard, it will not last forever. Jesus will come and say, "I AM here, the party isn't over yet." Won't He do it!

Someone who read Check Yourself... commented on Facebook that she didn't know her sister struggled with depression until she
asked her the meaning of her new semicolon tattoo. Before that day, she knew nothing about her sister's problem. 

Keep the party going and keep the conversation going.

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