Friday, November 13, 2015

An Open Letter to Lee Daniels

Re: Andre Lyon

Dear Lee Daniels,

"I've finally found the right combination between medication and faith."

That quote from November 11th's episode of Empire inspired this post. I must say I thoroughly enjoy your show. I like most of the music, Cookie's quips and the interesting storylines.

What I like most about the show, is how the Lyon family still tends to come together when either of them have been threatened even though they are all in competition with each other, which is cause for dynamic melodrama.

But most of all, I am eager to see what you do with Andre's character. I recently wrote, Bye Lisa in response to her suicide on Being Mary Jane, but Andre Lyon gives me hope that Mara Brock Akil dashed. The complexity of Lucious' experience dealing with his mother's mental illness and how it relates to his relationship with Andre is compelling television.

Thank you for dealing with mental illness in the Black community, the hardship it presents on the family and the struggle of the sufferer to just maintain. I'm sure Jesus did not tell Andre to blackmail that woman. That's the beauty of the show.

We will talk later about your jabs at Donnie McClurkin.


a fan


  1. You make a very good point about shining a light on mental illness particularly in the community. My hope is that the audience see's through the entertainment factor and picks up on the realness of mental illness.

    P.S. I hope Lee Daniels comes across your post and responds.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I hope viewers can be entertained but also engage the seriousness of the content.

    Please share the post with others in hopes of it making it to Lee Daniels! I would be so grateful!