Thursday, January 28, 2016

Writers Read

I committed to reading 26 books in 2015 as part of a year long reading challenge. The reading challenge challenges you to read a book a week in specific categories. I knew I wasn't going to finish reading one book a week for 52 weeks so I decided  I could handle 26 out of the 52. Your girl only made it through 11.5. I gave up  trying to finish the dense 1984 in time.  Pray for your favorite blogger... and me too.

I have set the same goal of reading 26 books in 2016 and compiled a list of 24 categories from several different reading challenges I found on the internet to make my own personalized list.

What are these categories, you ask? Wanna see 'em, here they go:

1. A biography 
2. A book that changed someone else's life
3. A book with an ugly cover
4. A commentary on a book in the Bible
5. A book by an author under 30 (when the book was written )
6. A funny book
7. A book about money and / or finance
8. A book by a Presbyterian  (random, I know)
9. A mystery / thriller 
10. A non-fiction book
11. A book written  by a LGBTQIA (first I need to figure out what the "I" and "A" stand for)
12. A fiction book set during The Reconstruction  (also random, I know )
13. A book on / about writing
14. A book with  antonyms in the title 
15. A scary book
16. A book with bad reviews 
17. A trilogy 
18. A book written by an atheist
19. A graphic novel
20. A play
21. A banned book
22. A photo essay book
23. A book made into a movie
24. A collection of short stories  (I've already finished this one!)

Who wants to join me in this change? 

Please share any book recommendations you may have. 

Reading makes an author a better writer and keeps their eyes on the competition! 

Writers, read!  

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