Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Manner's Academy (American Crime)

My niece and nephew just started a new school in Grovetown GA. When I asked them separately what they liked about their new school both of them told me about the three academies available to them. From my understanding, these academies are like electives in addition to their regular classes. When I was in school, we called it exploratory.

Brandon is in the Coding Academy which I think is way cool! Genesis said she was in the Manners Academy- you know etiquette, she clarified.

I often say girls are taught how to be ladies, how to carry themselves and how not to act but who are teaching the guys how to be gentlemen and how not to act?

Now lets get past the usual arguments: no father figures in the home. Where I'm from, even if the parents aren't together, the fathers are still involved in their children's lives. Another argument: if girls acted the way they are supposed to then guys would have no choice but treat them with respect.

One of my favorite shows on television right now is American Crime. Now this show deals with deep issues I am not qualified to speak on. But one topic they touch on is how does a boy learn to be a man.

In the midst of other situations, the show follows one teenage male who is one of the captains of the basketball team at his elite private high school, Leyland Academy. This character can not keep his hands to himself. I mean, he seems to be deliriously overcome with hormones. His mom is always warning him that all girls want to do is use and trap him because he is good looking, talented and comes from money. What kind of message is that sending to her son?

In Episode 6, he was commiserating with his teammates how his mom is always telling him how all "b*tches" just want to use him. He goes on to say:
The messed up thing is b*tches get to act the way they act and you still have to treat them like, like people, he said with disgust. Back in the day you could just be pop, pop and be done with it. Now, b*tches get to act how they act and you can't do nothing.
Again I say, who is teaching young men to not take advantage of girls just because they can? Who is teaching our young men to be respectful to a lady even if she isn't being respectful to herself? Who is teaching them that a girl's body is not theirs for the taking?  

As Christians, if we taught our young men the ways of Christ instead of gender mores and traditions, they would be taught respect for women by default.

There needs to be a Manners Academy at Leyland Academy and the rest of the world. For it not to be, is a crime and a shame.

American Crime airs at 10:00/9:00 p.m central on ABC.

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