Thursday, March 3, 2016

I Need a Day to Pray


It's not nice to pit two sisters against one other....but, Tina Campbell is my favorite sister in the gospel duo, Mary Mary. Tina is bold, outspoken and vulnerable all at the same time. For 4 seasons now, she has allowed the world to witness her beautiful flaws and see the hurt done to her by her husband's ongoing infidelity on Mary Mary's reality show.

In honor of the 5th season, premiering tonight on WeTV, I've listed  a few of my favorite quotes and prayers from Tina's book. Tina wrote I Need A Day To Pray on the road of restoration in herself and her marriage. She gave her heartache over to God and He helped her to maintain, sustain and succeed. Through it all, Tina birthed a passionate solo album, It's Personal and this book of prayers and scriptures.

I hope these words bless you as much as they have blessed me.  

Before the turmoil

"I loved the Lord and chose to have a relationship with Him but I struggled, for many years, to have a committed walk."

After learning of her husband's infidelity

 "During this process I said some very harsh things, made some very crazy choices, planned and plotted more horrible things, and didn't always have much sign of victory, but I kept confessing, believing, and telling God that I meant what I was praying no matter how much of a fool I was acting. I prayed, but then partially took vengeance into my own hands, I confessed the Word of God, but then cursed the people who hurt me.  I stood, then fell, then got back up, then started all over again."
"I didn't feel victorious, but I confessed it. I got discouraged and fell but got back up and stood on the Word of God that I was reading, listening to and confessing."

Tina's prayers

"No one other than You can meet every spoken, unspoken, and even unaware need that I have, so Dear Heavenly Father, I come to Your throne of grace right now to find help because I am in need."
"So, by faith, Lord, I confess this year to be my year of gratitude, optimism, rededication, maturation, complete deliverance, healing and restoration, knowledge, wisdom, revelation and illumination, increased capacity, and divine authority."

Tina and Teddy's (her husband) prayers

"We let go of all the unhealthy experiences and prospectives of our past as they diminish the joys of our present and ruin the hope of our future. We thank You for giving us beauty for ashes, joy for grief, and the Spirit of praise for the spirit of heaviness."
“We thank You that all thoughts of, memories of, and appetites for any other man or woman are removed from us and never returns again.”
“We thank You, Father, for making us greater together than we will ever be apart.”
“We thank You, Father, that divorce is not an option in this marriage so the discussion of such will never be entertained.”
“We thank You, Father, that our family prays together and will stay together, happily and lovingly, through the submission to Your Word and the leadership of my husband (and) myself.”