Monday, May 23, 2016

My Mama (April 2, 1950- May 14, 2016)

My Mama


My mama amazed me
Regal and always fit to be seen
Hard worker, organized housekeeper, active mother
With time left over to relax and read and play Words with Friends.

My mama, the toilet paper fairy

She celebrated everything Black, and
Made sure everything in our home reflected our true heritage. 


I rebelled against most of the good home training she taught me.
Meaning well, she constantly asked if my house was clean
Then whispered to herself, “Mind your business, Liz.”
Followed by, “Your friend’s husbands don’t have any friends to introduce you too?

My mama

It doesn’t seem real.

Your price was far above rubies (I know you preferred 20 pearls),
The heart of your husband trusted in you.
Together you all went through a lot, til’ death did you part

My mama, my biggest fan
Everything I have, I owe to my mama.
She was sweet and gentle but direct
With a quick wit, sarcastic sense of humor and unforgettable retorts.

I it get that from my mama.